Have you always wanted to start up your own interactive entertainment business but you did not know where to start?

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment Incubator Program is a world-first and the opportunity you have been waiting for. We want you to join us in helping to create new companies and job opportunities, and what makes our program unique in the world is that the AIE provides funding and access to the Incubator facilities to each and every participant.

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is a not for profit organization dedicated to the teaching of digital interactive entertainment. We are the second oldest game school in the world, and have been actively involved in changing the landscape of digital media education for over 18 years.

We believe that as an industry leader we need to go beyond providing digital media training in Australia. We need to equally focus on job placement and job creation. In this day and age, job creation is vital and we have our part to play.

The AIE wishes to provide our graduating students with the opportunity to create their own digital media businesses.

The key features of the AIE Incubator Program

  • Participants are given 24 hour access to dedicated office space equipped with office furniture, PCs, and access to development kits such as iPhones, iPads and other hardware and software;
  • Experienced mentors assist these businesses to develop and successfully commercialise their creative products;
  • Project Development Grants to assist participants to reach their goals; and
  • The incubator program is run in a supportive environment in separate premises from the AIE Campus, and is available for existing independent game and film studios to move into.